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Affordable Bath and Remodel

In the 2005 Cost vs. Value Report, an annual study conducted by Remodeling Magazine in cooperation with the National Association of Realtors, the national average cost of a “mid-range” family room addition without a bathroom is just under $137 per square foot. By comparison, the same study pegs the cost of a basement remodel with a bathroom and wet bar at just under $66 per square foot. If you add the cost of a bathroom and wet bar to the family room addition, you have a cost difference of about $100 per square foot between the basement remodel and the addition. That will buy a lot of features, fixtures, and finishes. These figures explain why the modern remodeled basement is often the nicest room in the house.

Equity and Payback
Another aspect of value is equity and payback, or how the project will affect the immediate value of your home and any long-term payback for the project when the house is sold. These questions may be difficult to answer, but they should be considered before tackling any home improvement project. There are a lot of variables that come into play including location, market, quality of the design, materials, and workmanship. Getting the best value and the best payback hinge on finding the right balance for your specific needs and location. According to the Cost vs. Value Report, very few of the most popular home improvement projects yield 100 percent cost recovery, but basement remodeling holds its own with just over 90 percent cost recovery as a national average, an increase from 79 percent in 2003.

Our current pricing is going from $20 to $30 a square foot.
Low end prices are for the basement only.
While the upper end can include a bathroom and / or Bar.
Price does NOT include carpet.
Walls are built with 2x4 studs. 16" on center, just like a house.
Basements Photos
Basements Photos